The exact make-up of hair and how the components work together to produce healthy hair.
 The most frequent ways hair becomes damaged.
The connection between hair health and nutrition

After reading this ebook, you’ll learn:
The Most Comprehensive Guide For Women of Color
 How to keep the hair and scalp healthy.
Stephanie Johnson is a licensed hairstylist and has been working professionally for over 25 years. She is also a salon owner, educator, holistic scalp specialist, and product developer specializing in hair restoration for women of color. Stephanie is a member of The National Association of Professional Women, and Women Business Owners of Prince Georges County, MD. She currently keeps women informed on the most updated information pertaining to beauty, body, and business through her website and newsletter, and promotes The Hair Care Company product line which she developed in 2005. Stephanie currently resides in the Washington DC Area. 
Senior Cosmetologist/Holistic Scalp Specialist
About the Author,
Stephanie Johnson
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